Meaning, on the Road

My Friends,

In September,  $350,000 was raised to provide college scholarships for veterans and their spouses, at a two day affair in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

As one prong of this effort, I lead  two nights of music with Ken MillerDoug Romoff, Mike Marlier,  special guests Dylan Lovett, and Rolling Stones Saxophonist, Tim Ries.

Often the highlights for me are the in-betweens.

-Hearing a speech about our troupes and the challenges they face from a retired admiral/former chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

-Getting to know some of the sponsors, and  attendees of the benefit.

-Meeting a scholarship recipient and his spouse.

-Performing a version of Red Skelton’s Pledge of allegiance after the Colors were presented.

And the kicker was that, after the event, I drove to Champaign Urbana, Illinois.  There I had the pleasure of being an master-class-guest-something-or-other at The University of Illinois, for their Lyric Theatre Program, in cooperation with my friends and educators, Michael Tilley, Sarah Johnson and some talented singing students.